About Us

The Adult Literacy and Learning Impact Network (ALL IN) was formed in 2022. Composed of national thought leaders from the adult literacy field and beyond, this collective impact initiative is charged with carrying out the National Action Plan for Adult Literacy.

ALL IN seeks to implement the five actions of the National Action Plan:

1.    Engage adult learners as movement leaders
2.   Raise awareness and advocate for change
3.   Expand outcomes-based research
4.   Support adult literacy instructors
5.   Invest in innovation while scaling proven approaches

ALL IN’s efforts are driven by its vision: a country where every adult can easily access high-quality, effective support to improve their reading, writing, digital, and numeracy skills – regardless of who or where they are. Its formation represents the first time that the leading national organizations engaged in adult literacy have joined forces to uplift each other’s efforts and develop new initiatives that will push the field forward.

Member Organizations
ALL IN’s membership includes the nation’s leading organizations in adult and family literacy.
For more information on ALL IN, please contact Sarah Cacicio, Director of ALL IN, at sarah@barbarabush.org.


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